About Faces Of Sickle Cell Disease

Building A Powerful Community

kg_lf_hands_picThe whole idea of bringing up children with Sickle Cell was at first overwhelming for my daughter. Since we had never known anyone who had Sickle Cell she had no idea what she was dealing with in the beginning. She scoured the internet and asked innumerable questions of doctors, she learned from knowledgeable people she met along the way and eventually became an educated advocate for her three children. Within a short period of time she had a really good handle on their medical situation and, to me, she officially became their trained nurse. Diligently administering the many medications they need daily and checking them carefully whenever they experience pain she displays compassion and courage. She has also given them the awesome gift of understanding their own limitations.

Our entire family pulled together, brother, sisters, aunts, grandparents, cousins, and their families rallied to comfort and support, assisting my daughter during crisis situations and the many hospitalizations involved with Sickle Cell. Additionally, we were all there to help nurse my daughter through two serious life threatening bouts of bacterial Meningitis. We truly understand that when a family member is stricken with a disease the rest of the family suffers emotional pains because we love them so much.

We hope to use this website as a means to educate the public and medical profession at large. We hope to give kids a forum to express their hidden fears and talk about their successes. We pray we can obtain money to assist in scholarships for secondary education. Now that would be an accomplishment!

Due to the fact something different happened in our lives inspires us to make a difference. This website is a family initiative to help make a favorable impact in the lives of our children and others stricken with this disease. Our goal is to give them each a little bit of brightness and to assist them to move forward into their adult life with hope. They are all special and we love them all!